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Merthyr woman stole £8,500 life savings from freezer

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The theft by Lucy Trewartha has caused a rift in the family, Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court heard

A waitress stole an 89-year-old’s life savings after finding a bank card hidden in a freezer for safe keeping.

Lucy Trewartha, 36, used Gwyneth Davies’ card and PIN number to plunder £8,500 over two months in 2017.

Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court was told the theft dealt a “crushing blow” to Mrs Davies, who had saved the money for her funeral expenses.

Trewartha, from Merthyr, admitted the theft from her partner’s aunt and was jailed for 32 weeks.

After finding the card in the freezer, Trewartha withdrew regular amounts of £300 from cash points, the court heard.

The theft came to light after dementia sufferer Mrs Davies’ card was declined when she was on a shopping trip.

Prosecutor Ieuan Rees described the victim as “frail and vulnerable”.

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Gwyneth Davies has moved into a care home since the thefts took place

Judge Jonathan Furness described the theft as “a mean offence,” adding: “You stole a bank card from an elderly relative and used it for your own gain.

“For elderly victims, losing an amount of money like this can be a crushing blow.

“The money was for her funeral expenses which she had been saving for.”

Judge Furness also handed out a restraining order, banning Trewartha from contacting Mrs Davies when she is freed from jail.

The court heard the defendant, who worked as a waitress and barmaid, was “deeply sorry and ashamed of her actions”, which had caused a major rift in the family.

Mrs Davies has been refunded the cash from her bank and has since moved into a care home.

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