Adrian Chiles 'horrified' at drinking 100 alcohol units a week

Image caption Chiles says drinking has “been a massive part of my life since I was 14, 15” Presenter Adrian Chiles has urged people to track their alcohol intake after revealing he sometimes drank 80 or 100 units a week. The BBC 5 live host said it was “horrifying” to add up his alcohol consumption, […]

Steam treatment for big prostates approved on NHS

Autism: 12-year-old boy misses five years of school

'I had a haemorrhage after being denied a Caesarean'


Microsoft claims win over 'Russian political hackers'

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit says it acted to block attacks by the Fancy Bear group Russian attempts to launch cyber-attacks against US conservative groups have been thwarted, Microsoft says. The software company said Russian hackers had tried to steal data from political organisations, including the International Republican Institute and […]

Bitcoin buster?

Facebook apologises for blocking Prager University's videos

Honeypot pornography lawyer pleads guilty


My green idea: Recycling India's floral waste

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Sacred flowers are taken for worship on the hand at the river Ganges India is a place of flowers. Lots of them. Piles of marigolds, roses, carnations and other flowers are left at temples, mosques and sikh gurudwaras for use in religious ceremonies. Afterwards, the flowers can prove difficult […]


Ants show 'lazy' approach may be best for digging

Image copyright Getty/vnarong A new study on ants and robots has shown that having more workers is not necessarily better when working in confined spaces. If there are too many bodies then the workspace can get clogged. A less busy approach in which some workers are purposely idle can avoid jams. The findings might help […]


Plastic pollution: 'Stop flushing contact lenses down the loo'

Image copyright Getty Images Researchers in the US have been investigating the final journeys taken by disposable contact lenses. They found 15-20% of US users simply flick these fiddly lenses down the drain via the bathroom sink or toilet. The Arizona State University study suggests that much of the plastic material then ends up in […]